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About :Devon Palmer


I dig wood.

Life for me started on a farm in Northeastern Indiana.  Between piano lessons, cycling, and permanently disassembling lawnmowers and other small things, working with my hands on the farm became the basis of my identity.   I moved on to get a pilots license, play keyboards in a band, and pursue a career as an airplane mechanic via Purdue University in West Lafayette.

After graduation, I worked for a small Indianapolis-based airline, and gradually transitioned from Maintenance into the computer field where I now work as a Geek pushing windows servers/virtualization.

Life in the virtual world left me without connections to my blue collar roots.  I was missing the meaningful connection that sweat, physical labor and the need to express myself through creation gave.  My mother is an accomplished wood carver, my father a capable carpenter and cabinet maker. My destiny seems predetermined.

I started turning in 2004 with my father; it was a great way for us to reconnect and achieve.  Wood bowls are my favorite thing to make.  They represent family, the breaking of bread, community, and craftsmanship.  Largely a forgotten and dying art, woodturning has a rich and ancient history that I hope to carry forward to the next generation.  I’m largely self-taught, but have been fortunate to study under some fantastic local woodturners via a local mentoring club.  I’m inspired by other pro turners: Jean-Francois Escoulen, Mike Mahoney, Andi Wolfe, Jim Burrowes, Barb Crockett, and Alan Lacer.

I teach introductory woodturning classes at Woodcraft Columbus.   My workshop is currently located at Junctionview Studios in Columbus, Ohio where I produce my work and sell during open houses and events.  You can also see more of my work available for purchase at my Etsy Store.  For more information, check my Schedule for event, class, and show dates, or heck – just hit the contact link and chat with me via email or twitter.